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About Us

Empowering change, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of refusing to settle.

Our Approach

We build solutions that work for you, weaving through unparalleled insights, next-generation strategies, and a deep understanding of your needs and challenges. Our approach is focused on making your day-to-day better, whatever that looks like. By calling upon our bold ideas, flair for out-of-the-box plans, and rich experience, we think of it as your organization, but better.

Core Values

Simply put, we believe in solutions that make sense. We’ll never introduce you to a document or technology ‘just because’. Instead, we pledge to ensure that each project is centered on adding real value, evolving alongside consumer demands, trends, and healthcare climates. By bringing you trusted, dependable, cutting-edge solutions, your reputation lies at the heart of every decision. We’re not afraid to ask the difficult questions, challenge norms, and take the unconventional route. That’s the CSD difference.

The Team

We’re firm in the belief that our team is our greatest asset. Balancing a team of relentless solution-seekers, innovative minds, and creative thinkers with our expert technologists, we think of our professionals as true pioneers. Coming together to solve healthcare’s greatest challenges, push the boundaries, and underpin our clients’ business objectives, we believe that beneath all disruptive solutions lie an even bolder team.

Message From The Founder...

I never set out to be in healthcare – or even near it. But it found me in 2004 and since then it has been that fast-moving train I don’t want to jump from. Had you told me 20+ years ago that I would be founding a company dedicated to consulting in the business of healthcare and focusing in the rapidly changing technology that supports all aspects of healthcare – I may have given you my therapists phone number. But here we are – and WOW is all I can say!

Over the years I heard from many clients, colleagues, and industry peers that I should just open my own firm. Now, from many of you I hear “it’s about time” and to you all – I give my most sincere thanks for your never-ending support. And yes, it is about time – the right time – and 2023 was exactly that.

So here we go – and I couldn’t be more motivated than I am now to continue working in this industry – one that will always keep us on our toes and always keep us striving to do better for our clients!

CSD HealthIT Advisors – We’re solution-seekers. Relentless ones. Unapologetically driven, undeniably bold, and unreservedly strategic, it’s the space where innovative solutions and sustainable change collide.
Capri Dye, Founder & Managing Director


You are the company you keep, and we believe in collaboration, not competition. By partnering with other firms in the industry, we’ll have the tools to bridge knowledge gaps, turn good into great, and nurture your project from conception to completion.

You're In Good Company